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Asheville Tax Return Office

In an era where tax law is ever-changing, tax planning and compliance are at the forefront of traditional business initiatives. It is imperative that an emphasis is placed on tax planning and strategy as it pertains to every meaningful transaction now more than ever before.

When it comes to tax services, we begin with the end in mind. We take the time to understand your business and individual objectives and fashion a tax strategy that minimizes all forms of taxation. We appreciate the complexities that tax strategies can cause and our tax professionals work to make them fit seamlessly and understandably into your plan. Through this comprehensive, expert, and ongoing approach, you get the best overall result.

Business Tax Compliance

Our tax professionals at Johnson, Jarvis & Warren can assist in the navigation of the tax code as it pertains to your business specifically. With experience in a multitude of industries, both domestic and international clients reap the benefits of decades of experience crafting and implementing sound tax strategies tailored to your specific operations and circumstances. Our tax professionals are armed with the knowledge necessary to guide your business through any meaningful transaction.

Individual Tax Compliance

Every individual is unique as is their tax situation. Johnson, Jarvis & Warren will tailor a personal tax strategy for you considering all facts and circumstances. Through our streamlined process, we will guide you through the appropriate channels necessary to mitigate tax obligations now and in the future, all while keeping your end goals at the forefront of the approach.

Estate Taxation and Planning

Securing your wealth for future generations can be a complex and daunting process. Johnson, Jarvis & Warren regularly consults high net worth individuals to offer a strategic, customized plan based on individual needs and intentions. Through a process of determination, design, and execution, we can help to develop an all-encompassing tax strategy that benefits you and your family for generations.

Not-for-Profit Tax Compliance

Often an afterthought, adherence to the rules and regulations surrounding the tax-exempt status of not-for-profit organizations is extremely important. Johnson, Jarvis & Warren's tax professionals regularly serve tax-exempt organizations, helping to keep them in compliance and current with laws and regulations governing their exempt status.


Proper representation when questioned by any taxing authority can effectively minimize frustration, over complication, time, and energy. Johnson, Jarvis & Warren tax professionals are well-versed in client representation and response to federal, state, and local taxing authorities regarding notices, audits, and general inquiries. It is our mission to work with clients in these circumstances to provide timely, cost-effective resolution of federal, state, and/or local tax matters, small and large.

General Consulting Services

We approach tax planning and compliance services in a personalized manner. Available for the day-to-day questions you may encounter, our tax professionals are available and equipped to respond to nearly any request. Our aim is to provide sound, defensible advice, efficiently and effectively.

“Approximately 10 years ago I moved the tax preparation for my wife and myself, my elderly father, an S Corp. with 25 employees and a property management LLC to the care of Alicia Johnson and her staff. Over the years she has assisted in the sale of one business and the tax preparation for my father's estate.  She graciously handled federal and multiple state tax preparations for my daughter while she was going to school in New York and also working in New Orleans and Asheville for parts of the tax year.  Her work product and attention to detail have been most professional and her fees have been very reasonable.”  - Mr. Bob G.
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